Winds Of The Sun

by Dol Ammad



“Winds of the Sun” is a special EP from Dol Ammad released only in digital form. 

The song “Winds of the Sun” is an epic space hymn dedicated to the memory of the great cosmologist Carl Sagan and features the band’s second collaboration with singer DC Cooper (Silent Force, ex-Royal Hunt). 

DC Cooper and composer Thanasis Lightbridge had also worked together in the song “Aquatic Majesty” found in Dol Ammad’s second opus “Ocean Dynamics”.

The EP also features the following exclusive tracks:

”Black Winter Day” – A cover version of the classic song by melodic death metal band Amorphis. Thanasis pays a special tribute to this band which influenced his early metal-exploration days.

”Theeta Dominion” – Dol Theeta’s (The second project of Thanasis Lightbridge) special take on a “Thalassa Dominion” Medley.

”Aquatic Majesty (Choral Remix)” – A Choir-only remix of this favourite song from the “Ocean Dynamics” album.

”Birth Of A Dream” – A unique track inspired and evolved from the opening track “Dreamport” in Dol Ammad’s debut “Star Tales”


released September 22, 2010

Music and Lyrics composed and arranged by Thanasis Lightbridge except “Black Winter Day” Music & Lyrics by Kasper Fredrik Maartenson

“Black Winter Day” Copyright by Prophecies Publishing Markus Staiger/Hanseatic Musikverlag GmbH & Co.KG

Recorded, mixed and mastered at “Theeta” Studio Greece

Produced by Argy Stream and Thanasis Lightbridge 

Guest lead vocals on “Winds Of The Sun” by DC Cooper

Solo voices and narrations by Kortessa

Drums performed by Thanasis Lightbridge except on “Black Winter Day” and “Aquatic Majesty (Choral Remix)” by Alex Holzwarth

Artwork by Andrew Ostin

Photos by Manos Papadopoulos and Aggelos Zymaras at “Stereosis” Studio Thessaloniki

Alex Holzwarth is sponsored by Premier drums, Paiste cymbals and Vic-Firth drumsticks



all rights reserved